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8 April 1983
Washington, Dist. of Columbia, United States
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I will probably change this soon, but here's something for now. I just moved from Florida to New Jersey, in April. I work for an ISP that covers most of the northeastern US. I'm pretty easily described as a geek, but I'm not the anti-social sort who hides in a room by himself all the time. I've got huge interests in the arts, but very little exposure to them. I'm generally interested in making new friends, and finding new things to do. I've also never really seen snow (This coming winter should be loads of fun for me) but love the cold. I also love to scuba dive, so at least durring the summer months I plan to spend as much time as I can spare in the great lakes. I'm a novice marksman,(.30 600+ meter) and hope to get into some competitions within a year.